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Living with the climate emergency: emotional support workshop

23. dubna 2021 18.00 – 23. dubna 2021 21.00
Drawing on the teachings of deep ecology, systems theory, and Buddhism, Joanna Macy’s “Work that Reconnects” is full of tools and practices that offer key insights into how we can work together to support a shift in our hearts and minds, our lives and our society that is truly life-sustaining.

The Work That Reconnects was developed as a powerful resourcing tool for climate activists, although its applications are far more wide-reaching. Through a series of experiential activities such as roleplay, meditation, free writing and movement, participants are able to reconnect deeply with their own wisdom, humanity, and sense of belonging to the earth.

Workshops guide participants through the “spiral”, which helps us to face the challenges of the world with new eyes and a sense of rootedness, belonging and energy. The spiral begins with gratitude - what are we grateful for having witnessed and experienced in this world? Then, we honour our pain for the world. All too often we bury and ignore our pain, numbing ourselves because the cost of feeling it is too high. By allowing the pain to speak, we also realise that we are capable of feeling for something far beyond our ‘selves’ as we have come to perceive them. Recognising our interconnectedness to life, we begin to see with new eyes, enabling us to go forth into the actions that call to us.
This workshop is an opportunity for those of us who may be struggling with feelings of anxiety, fear, grief, not-enoughness, or anger about the climate crisis, simultaneously trying to balance our need to pay the bills and to do what we can to save humanity from climate collapse.

Read more about The Work That Reconnects:

Or at the official website: www.workthatreconnects.org

About the facilitator:
Gwyneth Jones is a Work That Reconnects facilitator, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Coach currently residing in Prague, Czech Republic, although she originally comes from North Wales.

Facilitator bio: Since I was young, I knew that my purpose was to heal. I have been called to connect with the earth and to use my gifts of empathy, compassion, patience and intuition for healing since my childhood, although it is only in the last few years that the calling has become louder and more urgent. My background is in Psychology, Coaching and Counselling - I have my BSc in Psychology and MSc in Applied Positive Psychology, and it was during my studies that I became interested in ecotherapy and the fact that mainstream Psychology largely ignores the role of nature in wellbeing. Through my research into ecotherapy, I found the Work That Reconnects.

Several years later, when I became active with Extinction Rebellion, the Work was presented to me once again - and as I was dedicating this portion of my life towards training as a coach already, I felt called to follow the training path of WTR facilitation, too. For years, my mantra had already been "we need to reconnect with ourselves, each other, and nature". Experiencing the Work first-hand was ground-breaking for me. Even though I felt called to facilitate the work, experiencing it as a participant was something else. Within me, what opened up could be described as ancient wisdom, deep connection to Source, to the Earth, to my Knowing.

I have seen time and time again - even through online workshops - the transformative powers of the Work That Reconnects. We are living through transformative times, and I find myself unable to participate in "Business as Usual" without feeling sick. The past few years has been a process of learning to trust my intuition more and more, and I know that I am meant to be a part of the Great Turning.

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