Extinction Rebellion Česká republika

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No time to lose, if we want to live. (ENGLISH)

17. září 2020 18.00 – 17. září 2020 19.00
Kateřinská 522/21, 120 00 Praha, Česká Republika
Are you ready to rise back up out of hopelessness, denial and despair about the climate and ecological crisis and rejoin XR for four days of civil disobedience in Prague?

Come to this 15-minute short talk, where we will remind ourselves about the emergency, find out more about the coming big rebellion, share and discuss how we feel moved to participate (or not!) and meet with other rebels who haven’t been active recently.
The coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for the public and XR alike. We couldn’t meet and many rebels lost their connection with our community. Many rebels may have been personally affected and have had many other issues to deal with. We understand. However, now is the time to wake up.
People know the truth: the Government is failing to do what’s necessary to keep us safe. Why did they choose to listen to the scientists about coronavirus whilst they’re still ignoring the scientists’ warnings of 4˚C of warming?
The government is not protecting our human rights as laid down in our constitution. Enough is enough. We have an opportunity NOW as we emerge from the pandemic to make the change necessary, but business-as-usual is fighting to regain its hold. We can’t let that happen.

Now is the time to wake up if we want to live.

This talk is for you if you haven’t been active with XR for a while. This talk is for you if you’ve already seen the Heading for Extinction talk. This talk is for you if you’ve joined one or two XR actions of events in the past.

It’s time to wake up. This is our alarm call to everyone who has been interested in XR.