Extinction Rebellion Česká republika

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Workshop for new volunteers (online in English)

14. března 2021 18.30 – 14. března 2021 20.00
Join our on-boarding workshop to discover the structure and values of Extinction Rebellion and to find your place in the organization in the Czech Republic (and give it a few hours a week).

👉 If you are already clear about the climate and environmental crisis...
👉 If you are convinced that we need to push the politicians to act...
👉If you think we can only save our common home by non-violent direct action...
👉So you're ready to embark on rebellion with us. We welcome each of you!

coming soon

We will not talk about climatology, the effectiveness of non-violent direct action, nor the history and activities of XR in general. You can find out all this from in the Heading for Extinction talk: https://www.facebook.com/events/256959685937946/

Workshop will be guided in English.
It will take place online. Join with this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82001553532?pwd=RFhJaHVqQmw5aGIwazRuSHlqcXdsUT09

We are looking forward to welcoming you :)